Cloud Night Lamp


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Cloud Night Lamp
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The Cloud Night Lamp is a multi-functional and easy to use cloud night light designed to illuminate your day.  Featuring a built in USB rechargeable battery, a dual display mode (Always & Auto) and a 3-sound activation sensor, this LED nite lite can be used as a bedside lamp for your infants room or placed on a wall for any high traffic area within your home (bathroom or kitchen).  Equipped with a versatile mobile design, it can also shine as the perfect gift for a new mum or a breastfeeding mother.  Available in two colors, this brilliant nite lite just goes to show, that with the right light, at the right time, any room can shine.  

Ideal for a child's bedroom or a mum with a newborn baby, this night light in the shape of a friendly cloud provides a comforting glow.