Floating Surfboard Speaker - Waterproof, Bluetooth


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Floating Surfboard Speaker - Waterproof, Bluetooth
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Get ready to hang ten with the incredible Floating Surfboard Bluetooth Speaker.  Whether floating in the tub, mounted in the shower or taking advantage of it’s innovative waterproof dual-speaker design for your next pool party, this unsinkable floating speaker rides the wave of perfection.  Additionally, its’ wireless travel-sized display, bluetooth compatibility, and 8 hours of touch control playtime make it ideal for any outdoor activity.  As a bonus, when you pair two of these water floating surfboard speakers, you’ll receive a surround sound effect that will sound like music to your ears.  

speaker-solosurfboard-11.jpg speaker-solosurfboard-12.jpg speaker-solosurfboard-1.1.jpg speaker-solosurfboard-3.jpg speaker-solosurfboard-2.1.jpg speaker-solosurfboard-7.jpg speaker-solosurfboard-8.jpg speaker-solosurfboard-9.jpg speaker-solosurfboard-10.jpg speaker-solosurfboard-4.jpg speaker-solosurfboard-5.jpg speaker-solosurfboard-6.jpg

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